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Moving Wounds

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For my graduation project, I did research on emotions and feelings in architecture. Architecture is often functional, and technical and expresses its rational side, but it only really does its job when it speaks to the human soul.

With my project “Moving Wounds” I use architecture as a means to tell a story. The stories lost in the moving wounds, namely the story of a refugee. Architecture speaks. It tells stories. It screams emotions. Sometimes soft, but also hard.

Artist statement

As a Spatial Designer, I like to investigate our relationship with nature and make links with current social issues. With my projects, I try to breathe life into the forgotten culture in a creative and innovative way. In my work, I explore the boundary between art and architecture. I am always looking for a deeper meaning in my designs and creations. My goal is to recreate the invisible into something visible with meaning. So I can tell a story.


Next year I will start my master's degree in Architecture. In five years I hope to obtain my master's degree.

Learned during the studies

I have learned a lot in the past four years. I discovered myself as a designer. HKU has pulled me out of my comfort zone. This allowed me to develop my style and signature.