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Mijn Huis / My Home

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My Home is a personal work relating to my upbringing and youth in my parental home. It's a place with a lot of bad memories, but also a place I can't seem to move on from. In those negative memories there's a certain comfort because for the longest time it was all that I knew.

Artist statement

Sander Bijlsma is a autonomous graphic designer based in Arnhem (NL) He has a strong focus on lens based media and editorial design. With photography as one of his primary tools. He relates his work mainly to public spaces and found footage


For the next five years. I want to build my own artistic practice parallel to a function in education or in the news sector. Currently I'm quite fascinated by the political climate and want to learn more about it, to create more work about it.

Learned during the studies

Throughout my studies in the graphic design department. I've learned that the lines in our profession are slowly fading away. It would have made more sense with my portfolio to attend a studies in photography. But i wanted a different perspective during my studies. It allowed me to combine my strong suit with compisition to translate it to design.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Fresh Eyes Talent - 2021
New GUP Talent - 2021
De Verdieping, Academie Galerie - 2022