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Midfielders @ NAR

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A performance with Midfielders, the band that I lead, perform with, and write the material for.
Immediate, earnest, loud rock music stripped of convolution - Midfielders exists to reflect the present moment and to celebrate its meaninglessness. We take the D.I.Y. approach in every way we can; our live-set film Close Quarters demonstrates this, being entirely self-recorded, mixed, and edited.

Artist statement

Something that fascinates me about music is that there are countless unspoken conventions,
procedures, associations – rules – all of which are intuitively understood by many, creating a loose boundary within which music resides. This provides countless opportunities to surprise, shock, confound, amuse, touch, heal, rebel, transform; endless potential to satisfy my desire for new and intriguing ideas. It is both for this reason, and for simply the joy of performance, that I create music.


I want to be known as a reliable and adaptable performer, one with a wide variety of creative abilities to offer, but always distinctly Elijah. I already am this performer; it’s the being known I am still yet to accomplish.
I want to continuously surprise, shock, confound, amuse, touch, heal, rebel, and transform.
I want to drive an old French hatchback.

Learned during the studies

I have learned that opportunities, possibilities, and open doors are not something to wait for until they are handed to you - you are responsible for creating your own opportunities, deciding for yourself what is possible, and opening your own doors.
If someone opens a door for you, however, you should thank them and hold it open for the person behind.

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Midfielders, my main project: