Diversiteit en inclusiviteit


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In the experimental mixed-media film 'metanoia,' Neomisia embarks on a lonely journey to find self-acceptance within her bicultural identity. Plagued by a sense of otherness, she reluctantly ventures into the forest to perform an archery ritual created by her parents. However, her existence is forever changed as, with her seventh arrow, she unknowingly summons her other half, Neo, a recognizable yet ethereal figure. As Neo guides her through a labyrinth of self-discovery, Neomisia attempts to uncover the beauty in her biculturality and find solace in her true self. Placed in a setting infused with symbolism and mixed media compositions, 'metanoia' invites viewers to explore identity, self-acceptance, and belonging.

Artist statement

At the core of my work lies a profound aspiration to uncover and visualise the concealed aspects of human experience — the intricate layers of emotion, memory, and self-discovery often hidden beneath the surface. Drawing inspiration from the universal nature of these human elements, I'm intrigued by how cultural backgrounds shape their expression, sometimes creating a sense of distance that belies our common humanity. While my projects originate from personal inspiration, they flourish through collaboration and an openness to others' perspectives. Incorporating diverse viewpoints inspires new storytelling paths and encourages further exploration in my creative process. As a result of this, I craft mixed-media works that invite viewers on immersive journeys varying from music videos to short films to (interactive) video installations. Blending analogue and digital techniques, I bind together visual narratives that transport audiences into a realm of fantasy and introspection, aiming to broaden perspectives and foster empathy and understanding beyond their individual bubbles.


in five years i would love to be abroad, working on multilingual / multinational projects that can connect people. through multimedia editing, creative/art direction & writing i would like to contribute to newer ways of creating and viewing audiovisual work / film. + besides that, i hope to have uncovered more beautiful parts of the world as well.

Learned during the studies

Cliché but don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. the real learning starts when you're faced with situations/things that you haven't uncovered yet!

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

LOTGENOTEN (dir. Mipham Chhowing) | short film (2022)
Production Designer & Graphic Artist
showcased at: Shortcutz Film Festival & CINERADAR

2blossom | mixed media grafitti (2023)
Grafitti Artist
Nul Teen Art x All Caps Exhibition (Centraal Bibliotheek, Rotterdam)

past memories from solitude | photo series & short film visualiser (2023)
photographer, cinematographer & editor
Showcased during BLAD! Festival & Art Fair (Beton-T, Utrecht)

she'll be fine (dir. Shoghufa Majdod) | short film
art director / set dresser
Will be visible at HKU Exposure '24 & film festivals in the fall of 2024

BAIT (dir. Alika Visser) | short film
1st AC, editor & VFX
Will be visible at HKU Exposure '24 & film festivals in the fall of 2024