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mémoire in-volontaire

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You're surrounded by crystal-clear seawater. You hear the wind rushing through the lines of the mast, and an occasional seagull flying overhead, screeching. The musty smell of the damp environment is interchanged with the pungent diesel odor, followed by the taste of the salty sea on your tongue. With the soothing sensation of a boat gently swaying up and down.

My memories of the sailboat, I grew up on don't resolve around the boat itself. But everything my senses experience during sailing. With 'mémoire in-volontaire' these sensations and memories get carried on. As you are taken on a journey through the senses, experiencing moments that express my love for the sailboat. These unique handmade bags each carry their own experience. So my memories of sailing get carried by others.

Artist statement

Hi I'm Lott, a multidisciplinary designer based in 's-Hertogenbosch. Authenticity plays a role in everything I create. Most of my work is inspired by either nature, nostalgia, dreams or memories. All these fascinations come together in printed or wearable designs. As I’m very interested in creating designs used for expressing your truest self.


I would like to refine my personal aesthetic even more. So that my personal style becomes recognisable for others. Whenever I create something, whether it's fashion or design related, I want my style to be authentic and characteristic. It would be awesome if people would collaborate with me just because of my unique way of creating.

Learned during the studies

In 2022 I wrote my artist statement about “the future where I want to design the overall graphic expressions for a fashion designer”. Without knowing I would fulfil that dream within a year. During my internship at Daniëlle Cathari, I learned a lot about combining fashion and graphic design. And I got amazing chances like working together with Woolrich. But the most important thing is that I found my dream position!

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Daniëlle Cathari, 2022-present
Alott Design, 2020-present
Yhep Media, 2019
Alzúarr, 2017-2018

HKU — Graphic Design, 2019-present
HKU — Minor Fashion Design, 2021
SintLucas — Graphic Design, 2015-2019

Kapitaal — Glorywall, 2022
AG Utrecht — Signature Statements, 2022
AG Utrecht — Speelveld, 2021

Daniëlle Cathari

After my internship at Daniëlle Cathari I continued my journey as their Graphic Designer. These are a few examples of designs I made for the SS23 the Woolrich Woman by Daniëlle Cathari collection. And a poster for the archive sale we had a couple months ago. All very illustrative with a touch of nature and nostalgia which combines about everything I adore!