HKU MA Fine Art Graduation Project

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The Time That Keeps Growing Quietly in Our Absence

HKU MA Fine Art Graduation Project

Participating Artists:

Anon Chaisansook

Cara Farnan

( k a - a re - n )

Parvaneh Karimi 

Kaylie Kist

Angelina Kumar

Alëna Vinokurova

Amy Webb

Curated by:

Kris Dittel,

Katia Krupennikova

and the participating artists advised by the MAFA team.

Exhibition Dates:

27 June-8 July 2021


Wednesday-Sunday 11:00-17:00

(The opening on 26th June is by invitation only.)


-AG, Space for new art and media (Minrebroederstraat 16)

-Moira Expo (Wolvenstraat 10)

-The Abraham Dolehof courtyard i.c.w. Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons (Lange Nieuwstraat 7)

-The Creative Playground / LDD (Westplein 1001)


The Time That Keeps Growing Quietly in Our Absence 

features individual and collaborative contributions from the graduating class of the 2019–2021 MA Fine Art of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. The overarching themes of the presentation include notions such as time, non-linearity, absence, entanglement and the presence of the self within collective endeavors. 

The exhibition includes audio walks between and nearby locations by Kaylie Kist and Amy Webb respectively. Please bring your headphones to experience the works. 

Cara Farnan’s one-to-one performance takes place daily at AG, for bookings visit

A nomadic installation by artists ( k a - a re - n ) and Parvaneh Karimi can be experienced daily at the Abraham Dolehof courtyard (Casco Art Institute), and unannounced moments in the city of Utrecht. Streaming their voices from BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, the artists also invite you to join additional audio performances and discussions on the Internet radio platform Stranded FM (, on 7 July 2021.

*A note on Covid-19 regulations: we take your & our safety and health very seriously, and have strict guidelines in place. In line with the government/RIVM, at indoor locations (AG and Moira Expo) the maximum number of visitors is limited to 4 and uphold very clear (1.5+ meter) distancing criteria.

**Booking in advance is not required. However, it might happen that you have a short waiting time outside of these locations. We invite you to experience the audio walks by Kaylie Kist and Amy Webb in the meanwhile. 

For updates and further information please follow us on Instagram (@hkumafa)-- and Facebook (maHKU)--

The Time That Keeps Growing Quietly in Our Absence

(Collective poem from the artisits)


A text is a messy, moving thing and the voice brings the body with it as it moves. You and I create meaning together, unpicking, remaking and reordering time.




Words migrate, memories, sounds gently tug and pull in a cyclical movement that one must leave in order to return. 


(Return to where?)

Like rivers flow in an uneven way, rushing towards the ocean, pulling away from the tides, pouring out.

This house is messy and moving as well. 



Together we are unpicking, remaking and reordering ourselves. Knots and nets spin endlessly, becoming a field continuously remade. 


(What does it mean to break a cycle, a rhythm?)


(I am) Alive and interlaced, touching and flowing through.

I am under and over everything, everywhere. Moving, colliding, drifting, shaking, shouting, whispering, wiggling, crinkling, cracking, holding, changing.


I am searching for you.

(Sit with me, walk with me, stay with me, feel me, move with me.)                                         

Where are you?

(Out of step, out of time.)

You can feel me hiding, up there.

You are there, feeling, deep within, carrying me. 

We are shared connections, flowing through each other.


(Are we?) 


Moving into and out of one another, finding connecting points along the way.


(Are we – time?) 


(An open ending?)




Course Leader

Annette Krauss

Director School of Fine Art

Sigrid van Willingen

Core lecturers of the MA Fine Art 

Tiong Ang

Christina Della Giustina

Nancy Jouwe

Annette Krauss

Katia Krupennikova

Falke Pisano

Domeniek Ruyters

Henk Slager

Manju Sharma

Guest Lecturers

Maja Bekan

Staci Bu Shea (Casco)

Valentina Desideri

Kris Dittel

Nikos Doulos (Expodium)

Henny Dörr (MA Scenography)

Ola Hassanain

Maria Hlavajova (BAK)

Philippine Hoegen

Anette Hoffmann

Vinny Jones (MA Scenography)

Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz

Sanne Oorthuizen

Rory Pilgrim

Ilse van Rijn

Timur Si-Qin

Syafiatiduna (Kunci)

Ferdi Thajib (Kunci)

Marloeke van der Vlugt

Tjallien Walma van der Molen (MA Scenography)

Friso Wiersum (Expodium)

Bart Witte(Expodium)

Affiliated graduation institutions

AG, Space for new art and media

Bak, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, Utrecht

The Creative Playground / LDD, Utrecht

Moira Expo, Utrecht

Stranded FM

Project advisers

Tiong Ang

Kris Dittel

Katia Krupennikova


Kris Dittel

Katia Krupennikova

Technical team

Stefan Cammeraat

Monique Sep

Robert Witterndorp

Social Media Support

Gizem Üstüner

M.C. Julie Yu

Exhibition Handout Graphic design

Dongyoung Lee


Anon Chaisansook

Cara Farnan


Parvaneh Karimi

Kaylie Kist

Angelina Kumar

Alëna Vinokurova

Amy Webb


Kris Dittel

Sanne Oorthuizen


Sanne Oorthuizen