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Love Letters from Home

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The unrestrained longing for the feeling of home forms the core of "Love Letters from Home." What happens when we delve deep within ourselves and ponder what home truly means? Home is more than just a physical location. Love letters from home are formed by bundling identity, feelings, and emotions, with the creator constantly questioning themselves and their surroundings from various perspectives.

Home can take on different forms: a place, a melody, a scent, a person. But this feeling can also evoke negative emotions, such as longing for a place that no longer exists or a place one has left behind. Can one truly feel at home?

The project reveals personal connections to the province of Groningen, where the creator feels most at home. This connection is strengthened by the awareness of ancestors who managed a windmill in Winschoten, and the sense of belonging that arises from this. This research has evolved into a profound exploration of the relationship between identity and place, with a focus on the emotional complexity of 'home'.

Artist statement

Wearable art is the lens through which I view my craft. As a creator, I bring my fascination and love for nature, color, and storytelling with me. By wrapping these passions around the body, they become a constant presence for both the wearer and the observer, no matter the time of day or the occasion.

My inspiration and drive come from my roots in Groningen, the foundation of my passion for visualization. By staying connected to the idea of home, I create pieces that act as both physical mementos and narrative vessels, maintaining a perpetual connection to a sense of home. Each image and silhouette remains open to interpretation, allowing new narratives or imagery to continuously emerge alongside my artistic journey.

The creation of wearable art is achieved through the careful selection and combination of materials, often discarded, each with its own unique history. These materials become the canvas on which I paint. My artistic signature and the unique identity of each piece are defined by my brushstrokes. From formulating my own pigments to crafting individual narratives, each piece undergoes a transformation. Through the intricate textures of hand-painted designs, the garment comes to life, offering a truly unique experience to the wearer. Each creation is one-of-a-kind, fostering a sense of belonging wherever it may be worn.


My ambition is to grow Feev the Label into a creative studio. By that time, I hope to have refined my recipes in the field of textile dyeing. Additionally, I aim to strike a balance between hand-painted items and ready-to-wear pieces, all crafted from luxurious, high-quality materials.

Learned during the studies

The most important lesson I have learned during my studies is that passion for one's craft can take you far, and that your inner drive originates from your younger self. Embracing that free spirit often leads to the most innovative concepts.

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