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LOOP RUSH is animated in the form of an anime opening. In LOOP RUSH street racing gangs battle each other to be the best on the LOOP. Gang leader K9 has been the undeniable king of the Loop for years – until newcomer Zee challenges him. Influenced by Japanese street racing gangs and action anime, it is especially a homage to the over-the-top animation style of studio TRIGGER.
To give as much feeling of hype as possible with a wild whirlwind of action!
Music: GO STRIKE! By James Landino

Artist statement

I animate whatever excites me – especially if it sounds unconventional or impossible. I love making animations that are over the top, actionpacked, IN YOUR FACE!
I’m fascinated by the techniques of 2D animation. Inspired by my peers and masters - and their inspirations in turn - I want to pass on this inspiration to others through my work. To learn more about this artform as much as possible, pushing it to the limit and beyond!


I would love to be working in the animation industry on an international level. I can see myself working with studios and other animators on various projects! Especially in the anime industry. I see myself working as a rough animator for characters and special effects. I will also continue to develop my personal project LOOP RUSH into something larger in the future.

Learned during the studies

To trust my own gut feeling. At HKU, I was pushed to let go of old toxic beliefs and work with my own ideas in an honest and fun way. I learned how to let go of perfectionism and challenge my fears, so that I could finish my projects and share them with others! I was able to grow a lot both in technique and in personal taste.