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On the border between the insides of a former NS office building and the dynamic wisselspoor area outside stands an alluring device. A contraption to look at, step inside of, look out from, walk around, look behind.
Sourcing from two years of research and experimentations, I present an endless journey past many sights.

Artist statement

I am an interdisciplinary designer of objects and experiences. My aim is to engage a broad audience in a practice of looking. In a manner that is simultaneously playful and critical, you are invited to step out of your usual way of looking and explore perspectives outside of your own.
My custom-built devices serve as means to alter your vision. To focus, to frame —or to shift, to distort. In the encounter between the spectator, the device and the world observation is manifested and revealed as a complex and relational process.
My work is about the act of seeing; your seeing. An inquiry into what it means to look at and be looked at. An exercise in perspectivistic flexibility. An ode to curiosity and discovery.


I hope to continue my praxis of researching, designing and making work, and to do so on the interface between visual arts, theatre and design.
I hope to work on projects with others or in a collective or group, where the blend of disciplines I bring to the table complement those of others and contribute to a shared goal.

Learned during the studies

The master has offered me a platform to explore and research. I am very grateful for the ideas, people, practices, spaces and opportunities that it brought me in contact with.
I especially enjoyed collaborating with classmates and spending time focussing on specific methods in site-specific project weeks.