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Limelight - Music Is For Everyone

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My final exam will be a representation of everything I'm doing - I will be performing my own music, and also presenting everything that's I'm doing with Limelight Sessions/School.
Some 'Limelight Sessions' highlights
Some 'Limelight School' highlights

Artist statement

Despite beginning with a degree in music performance, my journey has steered me away from the stage and into the behind-the-scenes world of organisation, entrepreneurship, and music education. I’m driven by a deep passion for ensuring that music is accessible to all - because music is for everyone! Whether it’s organising events, setting up a music school, or developing teaching methods… My goal is to create a community hub, and inclusive spaces where people and musicians from all walks of life can connect - to each other, to themselves, and to music.


Gosh, so much! In five years time, I hope for 'Limelight' to be a thriving center of creativity and education. What started out as founding a regular intimate music night almost 6 years ago in my hometown in England (‘Limelight Sessions’), has expanded to being a small company, with several core team members, and 5 different regular event locations throughout the Netherlands and UK - and a festival as of the Summer of ’25! I hope to see Limelight Sessions grow in the next five years, as well as having ‘Limelight School’, offering a diverse curriculum to young musicians of tomorrow (including songwriting, production, band-coaching, and much more: also implementing an interactive teaching method that I've been developing, which allows students to start making music creatively from lesson 1). I hope that I will have grown as a musician, person, and teacher - the more I can better myself, the better I can offer my services.

Learned during the studies

Throughout my studies, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned has been the art of saying ‘no.’ I love being involved and creating lots of different projects, but it's no news to me, or to those around me, that I often spread myself a little thin, in my enthusiasm.
Most of the time I manage to steer clear of overwhelm, but it doesn't have me at my happiest, or most productive when I edge too close to it. College has really helped me better myself in finding a balance that keeps me stable both personally and professionally!