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As part of my graduation project, I have been working on a game with fellow students called “Lichbound.” Lichbound is an action-oriented, Roguelike Dungeon Crawler. My biggest addition to this project is the Procedural Level Generation.

My main goal was to make a system that was easy to use for not just me as a programmer, but for our whole team as a whole. I designed it in such a way that anyone in our team can create level pieces that slot together like a puzzle. The level generator handles the actual placement of these puzzle pieces, creating a cohesive level every time. This allows us to create a workflow that allows everyone to contribute to the creation of our levels.

Artist statement

As a Game Developer, I specialize in game programming. I see myself as a programmer who is ready to take on all tasks and can contribute as much as possible within the team.

Moreover, in recent years I have focused my attention on writing systems that generate procedural levels.


My biggest ambition right now is to get the company I set up with fellow students (Grim Leaper Studios) off the ground and release our first game. I hope our game catches on with people so that I can keep working on this in the coming years and hopefully release more games in the future.

Learned during the studies

Making (and keeping) connections within the game industry is something that has stuck with me the most. You may be good at your job, but if you don't have connections within your profession, it is difficult to progress in the industry. Over the years, I have shown myself more to almost everyone who has connections within the game industry. That way, people know that I am in expanding my contacts.