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A Roguelike dungeon crawler where you absorb the powers from your enemies and combine them to enable powerful strategies. You can make your enemies stronger, so in turn you can become even more powerful! Fight through the dungeons of the Lich's lair, defeat hordes of beasts, and defeat the Lich to save the inhabitants of the Spirit Realm.

Artist statement

I focus mostly on game mechanics, the ways the player interacts with the game. Every design decision impact different aspects of the game, even in subtle and indirect ways. When I work, I make sure to analyse this ripple-effect as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.


I want to have fully released an own game (with a team) on a public platform, like Steam, and to have cultivated a playerbase for it.

Learned during the studies

Creative thinking and finding inspiration from every source you can find. I also learned a ton about how and why people play, how to research my designs, and how to efficiently work and plan with a team.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

GDWC 2020 Official Selection with the student game 'Nowhere in Sight'
INDIGO Discover Showcase 2023 with the game 'Lichbound'
Co-Founder BeeYou Games:
Co-Founder Grim Leaper Studios: