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Type design and ironsmithing both require a lot of time, knowledge and precision.
In the past, the blacksmith made his own ironwork that is identical and therefore traces back to the maker, such as in facade anchors found in old buildings. By examining, dissecting and then reconstructing the forged facade anchors according to the method of the two disciplines I want to show how our work methods can combine. Finding the perfect shape for each type-character where I can execute the designprocess both digitally and physically. This typeface is an intense collaboration between the world of pixels and raw physical materials. This project also questions what craftsmanship means in the digital age.

Artist statement

Peter Roeleveld is a graphics designer at the University of arts in Utrecht, NL. Peter's work is about researching and exploring different fields of type design. Striving to deliver works that is not always digital based, but also explored on physical materials as well.


Having my own practice where I can collaborate with clients on typography related projects. Besides working on client projects, I would love to boost my existing type design knowledge even more by creating and releasing more typefaces on my website.

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