Let's be real

Suzanne van Sloten
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LET'S BE REAL by Suzanne van Sloten

‘LET’S BE REAL’  is about mental complaints as a result of the performance society. Life must look perfect to the outside world, even if this is at the expense of the quality of our own life. We use yoga and mindfulness to cope with this complicated life. But sometimes the mind goes it’s own way. I visualize the imperfections that are experienced, such as anxiety, insecurity or depression by an animation. I will show my own perception of these negative feelings. By playing different short animations at the same time I will show the chaos I personally experience during these emotions. 

From the constant search for individuality and originality, I visualize my work with a passion for analogue illustration in combination with digital techniques. My fascination for the human body and the psychological aspect serve as inspiration for the work that is often about my perspective on life from personal life experiences.