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λ Lambda Synthetics PolyPulse

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The PolyPulse is an unconventional standalone performance workstation for the musician who isn't afraid to experiment. It features 5 tracks, each equipped with an algorithmic sequencer, synthesis engine and multichannel audio effects.
Closeup of the production prototype of the PolyPulse.
First prototype of the PolyPulse being used during a live performance.

Artist statement

Hey! I'm Ward Slager (1996, NL), electronic musician, instrument designer and entrepreneur.

I'm fascinated by electronic and physical sounds. I'm fascinated by using algorithms in my process of creation. I'm fascinated by the way technology shapes the music that we make.

I seek to combine the precision and sonic detail of computer based music production with the playfulness and performability of physical instruments into an idiosyncratic novel instrument called the PolyPulse. As founder of λ Lambda Synthetics I am working towards launching the PolyPulse: an unconventional live performance workstation for the musician who isn't afraid to experiment.


In 2023 I will start producing the PolyPulse with my company Lambda Synthetics.

Several ideas for future products are being researched, but nothing definitive can be said yet about what will be the next step. Sign up for the mailing list to stay updated.. 😉 -->

Learned during the studies

The MMus enabled me to invest time into adapting my creative vision into a product, to professionalize my practice and allowed me to realize a solid starting point from which to grow my electronic instruments company.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Muziekgebouw: Future SoundLAB (Nov '22) live performance w/ Hans Leeuw

E-Live, Nicolaïkerk (Feb '23) live performance for 8 speakers and 6+ seconds of natural reverb.

Superbooth (Berlin, May '23) exhibition / trade show
↳ Interview with Sonic State:
↳ Conversation with True Cuckoo:

EKKO (28 June) live performance