Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

La Bohème by Bonnie Bonny

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Presented at the Villa Nova:
La Bohème ≈ Soap Opera
Season 1 in 4 Chapters
°N1 in Grün - childhood
°N2 in soft Pink - adolescence
°N3 in Yellow - frustration & the permission of lust
°N4 in Rot - the grown up soft Pink / we men
Faces' Phases
acryl on canvas
50x60 cm
Untitled / Blau / S.
acryl on canvas
40x50 cm
Brot und Spiele/Die Geburt
acryl on jalousie
145x200 cm
°N2 in soft Pink [Extract]
°N1 in Grün [Extract]
Alter Egon [Demo Version]

Artist statement

Magdalena Spinka (1999) - Austrian interdisciplinary artist based in Utrecht

5 is M and 4 is red

Green R my thoughts 4 U here t2day

Cause yes, I M the 1

4 me 2 C in order 2 B 3 

[ 4, W , 1 ]

I am on a continuous search of finding my own artistic shape. For me, that means translating my inside to the outside and by that creating a world that serves as a mirror to my everyday life. This process is based on very intuitive choices - I collect and connect - trusting that the seemingly meaningless can convey profound interpretations when given the time to unfold its own meaning. 

The core of my current artistic shape is built on 3 pillars:

Aesthetic Absurdity
Soft Provocation
Retro Futurismus


I aim to start from my inner circle to the outside.
The first step of this is building a network of people who deeply inspire me.
The second step is exploring the idea of "Knooppunten" by creating or joining events - building bridges between the ended study and the entered professional field.
Third: to be open for the unexpected and able to work with limitations. Redefining the idea of professionalism and luxury while devoting to my art as fully as possible.

Learned during the studies

The freedom to rebel
The value of collaboration
The depths of improvisation

The ability to sharp reflection
The joy of breaking expectations
The extension of musical stages
The wish to expand my comfort zone

The notion of blurred lines between life and art


Collective Band founded in 2020:
Dressed in shiny silver spacesuits, Bobo Romo takes their audience on a journey from soft and fragile sounds to invigorating rhythms.
A mixture of Krautrock, New Wave, Dream-Pop and Indie-Rock with an experimental tendency.

Magdalena Spinka - Vocals, Synth (Musician 3.0)
Tomás Gomes - Guitar (Musician 3.0)
Konstantin Schreiber - Bass (Musician 3.0)
Vos van der Noordt - Drums (Interactive Performance Design)