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L'Artisan: Concept Trailer

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The goal of my graduation project was to develop my skills as a 2D action and character animator, while simultaneously transforming my personal project ‘L’Artisan' into a concept trailer. The story features Tim and Hamza, two teenagers falling head deep into mystery when they encounter a magical glove. They set out on a quest to find the owner, a supposed wizard, while trying to stay ahead of their pursuers, the vile Elephant Guns.

The trailer can be used for pitching the project, which I’d like to turn into a short series or graphic novel.
Early exploration of the setting, the outskirts of Paris.
A character sheet for the Artisan.
A styletest for the final look of the film. Showcasing the titular Artisan and his magic.

Artist statement

My name is Kevin Hemelaar, I specialize in 2D character animation, action animation and character design! I love creating captivating animation with a hand-drawn feel, from big explosive action to dynamic character acting. While also creating the intriguing characters that inhabit these scenes. I mostly work digitally, but prefer to add an analog feel to the work I create.

In my work I capture daily life infused with a bit of magic. I find inspiration in the beauty of the mundane, walking around the city and capturing the small, touching moments that make us human. I combine this emotional aspect with a fascination for spectacle and wonder in animation, set to the backdrop of rich bustling cities.


After graduating I’d love to help realize projects of fellow creators. During my internships I found great fulfillment in making a project the best it can be together with a lovely team. I’d love work in 2D character animation, action animation or character design. Another goal of mine is to realize my passion projects into graphic novels. And hopefully adapt one of them into an animated film or series.

Learned during the studies

During my studies at HKU I learned and created a lot. I mostly dove deeper into my fascinations, the things that truly made me unique. After these investigations my art came naturally. I also spent a lot of time on developing my drawing skills, from anatomy to perspective. I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a draftsman.

Internship Studio La Cachette

During my internship at studio La Cachette in Paris I had the opportunity to work on Genndy Tartakovsky's 'Unicorn Warriors Eternal'. An action adventure show on which I pushed my capabilities as an artist. I got to expand my knowledge of action / character animation thanks to all my amazing colleagues. It was a dream come true to work together and learn from every artist there!