Ander maatschappelijk thema


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All objects will share some common ground, mostly based on the colors (baby)blue & (baby)pink which represent the genders and the balance between those in this world. Also everything in the project will be based on some blunt beliefs coming from a good place.

my mind is filled with questions and realisations about this world, our society and our own self-awareness
My goal is to share these with you throughout the future through my work and let the work be a conversation starter about the subjects I find the most important and interesting which are: Death, love & religion.

How do we relate to each other and ourselves? And how do we deal with heavy subjects?

The heart weapon is reference to the idea of loving yourself first before any other person, when love is used by someone who doesn't love his or herself it could be a deadly weapon.

The two tables with the phrases Nothing matters, You will die might come across as violent and negative but in the end this thought comforts me and gives me less to worry about and to focus more on what is really valuable in life.

The mirror and praying bench are a functional object that serves the purpose of praying to yourself instead of a god. Doing this will hopefully give the person that uses it a moment to self reflect but also a opportunity to discover the define being in his or her self.

Artist statement

Draagvlak or David is a young emerging artist from
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
After finishing a furniture design study in 2018 David started at
the art academy in Utrecht.
In 2022 he will graduate here and continue making art based on
his own fascinations & beliefs. He grew up as a product from the 1990’s with strong
interests such as graffiti & Hiphop but also history, religion, art and social awareness.
draagvlak’s personality translates through his work, a colorful person looking for
the uncommon in life.


I want to expand my working space so I can work on bigger projects. For these bigger projects I want to keep focusing on my beliefs around our society and self awareness.

In five years time I want to have my own atelier/workspace and experiment a lot more within my themes and style.

Learned during the studies

Coming from a quite technical furniture design study it took me some time getting used to the freedom in the sense that it didn't matter what you made and it didn't really has to serve a purpose or function, this playfullness around experimentations and discovering took me a while to get used to. However when I really realized what a luxury this period of time was to discover what I liked and what I wanted to create I just went with it and started learning and doing the stuff that interested me.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.