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My work often centers around attention. This, in my opinion, is one of the most important aspects of life. By handling materials and concepts with proper care, and applying this principle in my personal life as well, I notice that a deep connection can form. Items last longer, designs improve, and I continue to discover new things. This publication is created to inspire people to rediscover their inner child and engage in play. The sculptures on display are the result of doing precisely that for six months. Building these works has brought me peace and joy. By following your intuition, space is created for new ideas and for continuing to find pleasure alongside the darker aspects of life. Also it points out that art and design can be justified by being fun or nice to look at, it does not always have to be the major life altering thing that conquers the world. It is also means being able to appreciate that glimpse of happiness during the day.

Artist statement

As a maker and in personal experiences, being able to say "why not" has given me the space to keep making discoveries. That is, in my opinion, one of the most important things: to keep absorbing new things. It also gives me the ability to see beauty in that which has been set aside as lost or forgotten. Everything and everyone has something to say if we create the time and space for it to come forward. So why not give them a voice?

My motive to create keeps developing and changing, varying from the importance of play, to feeling a sense of community, to finding what is just. There is a great balance between working from within myself and working with what my surroundings have to offer. I am also a collector of all sorts of things that spark my interest. This results in many different projects, varying from ceramics, fabric, wooden sculptures, and even food.

When an opportunity for a new project presents itself, my first instinct is to think, what does it mean to me, and how do I feel about it? Trying to give words to what my mind is visualising. Then the making process starts. I never make a plan set in stone; my belief is that a project also has a voice, and that results in a conversation and a fluid project. That said, I could easily forget the thinking part for a bit and just start experimenting. The project often lends me the space to discover what it needs.


To keep creating from within myself and to keep an eye on what is happening outside. I imagine myself in a few years with my own practice, engaging in various projects. I also envision being part of a collective, working together on diverse projects and having a secondary job that inspires me. Creating a supportive community including fellow artists, designers, and individuals from diverse backgrounds will enhance my creativity. Through these interactions, we can continue to learn from each other.

Learned during the studies

The unknown may initially seem like a scary thing, yet when getting used to, its a place for excitement and opportunities. Not knowing why is okay, not always having the words to describe is initially not a bad thing. Instead, it serves as a reason to visualise what you want to express. An other thing is that a person will keep changing and developing new skills and taste, I know that who I am now might not be who I am in a few years. I look forward to meeting my future self.

Food as conversation

Food has always been an interesting subject to me, it is something we all have a connection with. In this project I bring people together from all sorts of backgrounds to connect while baking bread. This is a way to find out what specific role food can play in my practice as well as meeting new people or new stories. These sessions open up a conversation about food, design, art and community. When people use their hand doing something maybe unfamiliar, and eating together the atmosfeer becomes more relaxed rather than sophisticated. Its a safe way to learn from each other and expand one's network. This is a ongoing project were I am still figuring out the what’s and the how’s. I will post this process on my instagram to keep interested people up to date. There will be more bread-making sessions in the future to join.