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JustConnect is a networking app built by creatives, for creatives. It revolutionizes the networking game for creatives, freelancers, and digital nomads worldwide. Forget the corporate clutter on existing platforms. It’s time for something new.

JustConnect makes it easy to connect with new people based on your location, wherever you are at any given moment.

Simple interface, with key features to get to know someone, easily
expand and track your network and their achievements.

Find like-minded professionals everywhere in the world with filters based on location, profession, and current work status.

Share your work, connect, chat, and meet. Effortlessly create a
larger network.

The ever-changing landscape of remote work and freelancing makes it crucial to have a new way of making meaningful connections. With JustConnect, we aim to inspire users to build a stronger network without the distractions of bots and recruiters. Find like-minded people worldwide and effortlessly track your network and their achievements.

We believe that careers flourish from small conversations, and we’re here to help you find the people you need to accelerate your dreams.

Find. Connect. Build.

Artist statement

I expanded upon the culmination of my studies by developing a concept that has the potential to provide global opportunities for creatives, freelancers, and digital nomads.

I have established a platform specifically designed to enable these target groups to establish extensive and influential networks, thereby enhancing their career prospects through meaningful connections and collaborative work.


In five years, my goal is to become a founder of multiple companies. If JustConnect achieves its targets and attains a yearly profit exceeding $4 million, it will be established as a multimillion-dollar company. This achievement will significantly enhance my net worth and credibility within the entrepreneurial landscape. Once I reach this level of success, I aspire to invest in and support young, ambitious founders by providing advice and financial assistance for their startups. Additionally, I intend to allocate sufficient time and resources to continue founding new companies.

Within five years, JustConnect will have expanded to include a team of professionals specializing in various areas such as marketing, product development, and management. These responsibilities will be carried out by employees rather than the founders, allowing us to dedicate our energy to generating and nurturing new ideas.

Learned during the studies

Your drive, not education, is the spine of your career.