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The screens around us are just a fraction of the media we use every day. They provide solutions for things that weren't a problem that made our lives much easier. We are looking for ways to do great things with little effort. Comfortable and efficient, but you don’t feel fulfilled.

By climbing a digital mountain, the internet user tries to find satisfaction in the digital realm. While using little effort, the user tries to recreate the experience of the highly straining activity that is mountain climbing.

Artist statement

My name is Jurre Latour, a graphic designer based in Utrecht. My specialties lie within visual identity, branding and motion design for art and culture, among others. Most of my work is created digitally, but I prefer to see my work come to life in the physical world. With a strong interest in technology, I try to find solutions to creative problems that arise along the way.


The ideal place would be to work in an experienced design agency while building my own graphic/motion design agency. Alternating between working with experienced designers and bringing my own design vision to life seems like the perfect combination to grow and become better.

Learned during the studies

During my time at HKU I got a stronger sense of where my creative strengths and weaknesses lie and where I can add value within the creative proces.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

(2021) Interface/ ˈɪntəfeɪs/noun, HKU Photograph
(2022) Show me the Money, HKU
(2022) Project Hortum, Pepijn Zuiderveld

(2021) Speelveld, AG Utrecht
(2022) Glory Wall, Kapitaal Utrecht