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Interactive Particles

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During my graduation project I worked on the game "All Hands on Deck" with a small team of four talented students. My role in this project was making the world more interactable and alive with particles. And to be specific, making those particles interactable. It adds so much life to a game. It makes it more fun and playfull which is exactly what I needed for the game All Hands on Deck.
The first interactive particles are the clouds. These clouds will dissolve when the player walks through them and respawn over time. They can hide items, collectibles, obstacles etc. A real fun and cool addition to the design and gameplay.

The other particles I worked on are still a work in progress. The idea is to have flying origami butterflies, which the player can catch. The player can then choose to release it or fold it into a different animal that will jump and waddle around the area. This was meant to be added in the Arts & Crafts world of the game "All Hands on Deck

Artist statement

I am a 3D artist likes to make almost every type of game asset, from shaders to charaacters etc. But my main focus is animation and vfx to bring some extra life into my game assets, really make experiences pop and feel satisfying. I love to explore new tools and technologies to find new ways of achieving my desired product. The learning process never ends!

Geleerd tijdens de studie

The most important things I have learned whilst studying here is that you have to do the things you want to do as soon as possible. And yes, that does sound a little egoïstic but it will pay off in group efforts and especially in solo projects! Time flies and when you do not take your oppertunities it is kind of a waste.
Don't be afraid to fail, turn those failures into learning moments and move on. It does not need to be perfect on the first try, have fun with it.


My current and biggest ambition is to start my own game studio along with 3 other amazing talented students. Rens Kuilman, Ruben Hooijer and Manou IJpelaar. The studio is called "Studio Mantasaur"and we are working on our debut title: "All Hands on Deck"! In 5 years I hope to have released the game and will be busy with the next big project already!

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To follow the development of the game All Hands on Deck and potentially new projects along the way check out Studio Mantasaur!

Game Studio website:

Game demo: