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instinctive pure improvisation

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It will be a bit of a challenging performance for me.
I'm willing to step out of my comfort zone and take risks.

Artist statement

As a musician hailing from South Korea, my artistic journey is rooted in a passion for improvisation and modern jazz. Drawing inspiration from classical compositions, I aim to infuse the beauty and depth of traditional music into my own compositions. it's about pushing boundaries through experimentation and originality.


My ambition is to pioneer the fusion of jazz and classical music through improvisational performance while simultaneously becoming an inspiring educator.

Learned during the studies

Through my education, the most significant change has been a complete shift in perspective towards music. It's no longer just about playing or listening, but about understanding and interpreting music on a deeper level. Music is now seen not simply as a collection of sounds, but as a form of art that It's through that music is perceived as an artistic expression

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11th June, Utrecht Conservatorium K.108 16:30