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In The Belly of The Beast

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‘In The Belly of The Beast,’ is a multidisciplinary project that researches what remains of the Inner Animal in our spiritually, ecologically, and socially polluted society through intuition-led visual, auditory, and physical experiments.

In language the word Beast is historacly connected with words as brutallity, violence, filth and dirtyness. Terms that we, as humans, connect with animality and often use to distance ourselves. The word Beast is other, it’s different, it’s “not me”. When we distance ourselves from our animalistic behaviours, we distance ourselves from humanity, from honesty, from feeling, from expressing and from being. For me, ‘The Beast’ in this society is the systematic. The thought trough ways of opression. Created normativity, social conducts and the capatalistic way of living. I seperate this term from The Animal. The Animal is you, the real you. That small voice that’s connected to all, to nature, to everything undefined and everything outside of your name, age, job, status, ego etcetera. In search for what is left of our Animal we have to find ways of creating apart from paved ways. These paved ways often descend from retorical and practical solutions that serve capatalistic values as money, time, goal and profit.
In my education I have been capatilsed in the way I work. The world of filmmaking is often build on this; you get funded when your project is valuable. What is this value? Who is it that values? How do we value?
With In The Belly of The Beast I strive to deconstruct these rules of filmmaking by developing a project in an alternative way. A way that’s close and honest to our inner Animal.

'In The Belly of The Beast' translates my urge to reconnect with nature, with eachother and with my own body.

Artist statement

Jor Broeder is an interdisciplinary artist who explores different psychological and philosophical questions through experiment. With a longing for the unknown mysteries of human existence, they always search for things that connect us all. Their work is sensory and open for interpretation; nothing is defined, everything is fluid.
Jor’s latest work focuses on a search in reconnecting with nature and breaking structures of Western society. Through movement they rediscover
their body and find new ways of communication. Communication that is undefined, free of judgment and honest. The body does not lie and holds
thousands of feelings, Jor explores these feelings by intuitively led working methods.
As a graduate student from HKU as an audiovisual storyteller, their primary ways of translating are with image and sound. This flows from film to photography to music to installation. Every story has its own medium and every project asks for something else. Following this, Jor has developed a broad interest in different forms of art. The past two years Jor has
expanded their skillset further with performance art and acting.


I hate these types of questions because I feel that I rewire myself every year and that's something I want to keep doing. For now, I'll explore the language of my body further in combination with sound.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

The HKU has given me tools to reflect and be critical towards my own work and read the work of others within their vision. However the most important thing that I've learned these years, is to never compare yourself to some norm or an idea of what a film or an artist should be. Be unapologetically you and choose wisely in from who you take advice.

Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

Jor has performed and exhibited multiple times at art festivals and small galleries in Utrecht and Amsterdam. In 2023 Jor won ‘best short fiction’ at the Gelders Kort Competition at International Filmfestival Go Short with their first short ‘Een Glimp van Geluk’.