Diversiteit en inclusiviteit


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I CONTACT is inspired by the outdated understanding that the ability to hold eye contact is always positive and necessary for fulfilling social discourse. This is not only untrue, but also demonises and disregards the needs of neurodiverse individuals.

Eye contact can be an intense and overwhelming sensory experience for various reasons. For example individuals with autism can find eye contact invasive, distracting, and confusing. Contrary to past assumptions, their aversion to eye contact doesn't signify a lack of interest but rather functions as a coping mechanism to mitigate discomfort caused by overstimulation in certain brain regions. Studies also indicate that avoiding eye contact in certain contexts can enhance brain efficiency, such as facilitating quick and accurate responses to questions.

In this work I capture overwhelm by magnifying its intensity for all viewers, through which I facilitate a better understanding of the neurodiverse experience.

Artist statement

⁤Liv de Jonge is an American-Dutch designer specialising in Connected design, which explores the relationship between individuals, objects and environments. Her bicultural background amplifies her ability to spot the interesting social and cultural discrepancies that inspire her work. Her artistry is rooted in exploring new techniques resulting in thought-provoking designs that invite interaction, introspection, and change.


'In five years time I see myself further down the road to self discovery. I hope to make a positive impact on people's lives and the world we live in.'

Learned during the studies

'I have garnered a greater understanding of my personal design process and my interests as a designer.'