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I. is an experiment in the search for self-expression through (the making of) videogames. It deals with difficult emotions, and dealing with those.

Artist statement

If I cannot daydream I might as well be dead. Daydreaming is such an integral part of living, I cannot stop doing it. Sometimes I feel like they could overflow, and making art is a way of expressing them and creating some space for myself. I aim to translate these daydreams into authentic, immersive and atmospheric experiences that through playfulness persuade the player to interact with them, and to evoke these emotions as i experience them, to leave a meaningful and lasting impression.


I'd like to develop my own signature as a maker and with that, inspire others to embrace their authenticity and do that as well.
I'll see myself working partly on smaller projects together with others, and with the spare time, as an autonomous gamedesigner that has the freedom to explore these daydreams and the medium, and the freedom to make lots of things too.

Learned during the studies

Making games is not just the one thing you work on or your expertise in a vacuum, but rather the combination of so many facets and disciplines, sometimes outside of the medium as well . And to engage with and develop each and every one of those to serve the most important aspect of the game: that final experience for the player.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

My previous project; a cozy game about a paperboat finding it's way back home.