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Hybrid Transcendence

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Consisting of the performance 'Transcendental Sympathy' and video animation 'XARCADIA', 'Hybrid Transcendence' explores the multidimensionality and interpretation of spirituality in the contemporary. Using various mediums, I pose an exploration of space through exploring each other, how we relate to objects, and the sensitivity we transmit in the environment. Working together to practice kindness, the project deals with forming new rituals with which we establish a connection to nature, the divine, amongst ourselves.
'Transcendental Sympathy'

Artist statement

Using eclectic research methods and experimental investigation, I aim through my art to find a way to understand myself and my surrounding better. Nurturing curious energy, I question my role as an artist within the social and contemporary urgencies of today. Exploring different perspectives, I try to challenge the complexity of existence using alternative narratives, as well as creating new worlds on the base of these speculations/ideologies. Using various mediums, my main topic of research is exploring the multidimensionality of spirituality, as well as reinventing our relationships to nature, the divine, and the community we find ourselves in.


It would be lovely to continue to grow and start working with like-minded people on projects relevant to my practice/field of research. I want to deepen my theoretical and craft base in order to gain more experience and find ways to cater ideas in a meaningful and mindful way.

Learned during the studies

The academy is a place to grow, make mistakes, learn and experience. During my four years at the HKU, I created a strong base to branch out from. Having the possibility to change and challenge myself with valuable support, experiment and create a sense of community, really influenced my practice and my worldview today.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

HKU Cafè exhibition Zzzzzz (2019)
Group Show | Utrecht | EKKO

Eclectic Wonderland (2021)
Solo Show | Amsterdam | Patty Morgan

BODYSHOP Artshow (2021)
Group Show | Amsterdam | OBEY

Veertien Stapen Naar de Waanzin
Art Direction | 2021-2022

Hybrid Transcendence

Exploring different views on modern spirituality through showcasing various artistic researches questioning the concept of the divine in the contemporary. From the value of storytelling in my personal upbringing, to how we deal with the concept of spirituality in the digital era, 'Hybrid Transcendence' brings a new view on modern-day rituals and reevaluates our position in the current zeitgeist.

Patty Morgan Internship

In my half-year of working as an intern for the online Amsterdam-based gallery Patty Morgan, I was focused on re-branding & developing a new house style for the organization as an illustrator, and as a result, I made a cohesive style for overall use in the future. During the six months I was developing Patty’s new face, I learned a lot about working within a gallery, being flexible in the workspace, and managing serious responsibilities as a member of the family.

Apart from my tasks as an intern, I was also one of the artists selling through their online gallery. Getting to know each other better, I was presented with multiple possibilities to showcase my work, meet other artists and learn the practical element of the business. I had the opportunity to showcase my work besides my internship in the gallery as well, thanks to the creative director who liked the recent work I had made. That resulted in a solo show whose opening took place on the 25th of June named “Eclectic Wonderland”, and lasted for a month.