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I created this little hut to write in. I longed for a place where I could take shelter from bright LED light and set it up as a cottage for concentration and thinking. At the same time, I wanted to be able to go outside to just play sometimes, which is why I made the hut in a way that I can always climb on the roof. Visitors are welcome to come in, take a look and even leave their name.
The work remains in constant motion and adjustments are often made. Therefore, the work may look different tomorrow than it does today.

Artist statement

In my work, I’m aiming for interaction and sharing experiences. I believe that we should be able to touch art more or even be able to climb on it. For this reason, I work mostly with strong, sustainable materials, like wood and metal. With a nostalgic fascination for playgrounds and toys, I often find myself working with bright colors or soft wood textures.
I take a lot of inspiration from climbing, bodily move- ment and the human body in relation to objects and spaces. I try to share this fascination by making interactive works, like a swing for adults. This swing however, is not made for swinging. It’s designed to give you a feeling of floating, while peacefully gazing at the world under your dangling feet.
It’s my goal to make adults feel like they can play and have fun. I’m still researching how language and poet- ry can play a part in this. Of course, I’d love to see my guests leave my studio with inspiring new insights and ideas. However, if guests leave my studio simply feeling like they have “played”, I’d be equally gratified.


Over the next five years, I hope to continue developing as an independent artist. I want to apply for various open calls, such as artist residencies or other art projects, while I continue working on my practice. My starting point is not necessarily to sell my work, as I find autonomy and self-development more important. However, I do strive to be able to participate in exhibitions or participate in (group) projects. I hope to further develop my technique, both in material and content. Furthermore, I am still considering if teaching art could be a possible next step one day.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I learned during my studies is to question less and make more. At the beginning of college, I was too often concerned with questioning my ideas rather than executing them. It took me a while to let go of the idea of "good art." After all, who decides what good art looks like in the first place? So I decided to simply do what I personally enjoy. To be inspired by my own passions, instead of trying to look like other artists. And in that, most of all, I learned to have fun.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Kunstuitleen Utrecht - Internship / preparing and presenting two online lectures - 2020
Carwash Gallery Utrecht - Group exposition "Washed Up" - February 2022
Rijksakademie, Verena Blok - Internship - February / March 2022
37PK, Hilke Walraven - internship, building up exposition - 2022
37PK, Hilke Walraven - participant in spoken word afternoon - 2022


Dit verhaal gaat over verliefdheid en kunst, maar dat zie je hier dus niet. Tijdens mijn studie fine art, kwam ik erachter dat mijn grootste inspiratiebron, verliefdheid, eigenlijk nooit te zien was in mijn werk. Of vergiste ik mij? Door middel van dagboekachtige anekdoten, automatische schrijfmomenten en lieve liedjes kwam ik erachter dat verliefdheid te vinden is op onverwachte plekken.