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How to become a phototroph

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This is a visual research, or perhaps a love song, dedicated to a star that is our greatest supporter: the sun. From illuminating our skies to its nurturing rays that gives life to everything around us. I am consistently awed by its significance in shaping our daily lives and guiding us through its radiation. As a kind of celestial deity there is no way you can influence it or have any kind of mutual exchange, but you’ll see its solar power working its magic on everything surrounding you.

That type of power, that other people undoubtedly also feel, has become a kind of food source for me. There have been days that felt like I couldn’t produce energy on my own. When the sun rays infiltrate my window and succeed in getting me outside to receive it’s energy, just as the rest of the ecosystem around me.

At times, I found myself resembling the phototrophic plants that surrounded me on the days the sun decided to come out. In need of the energy of the light to be able to function again. In this work I have been examining this feeling and what it means to me to receive light of the sun.

Artist statement

Probably the first thing to say about myself is that there is curiosity, lots of it. This curiosity is mostly fueled by the wonders of nature, driving me to go out, explore, and attempt to understand the things I encounter on my path.

Being a creative in the digital age can both feel like a blessing and a curse. Access to an unimaginable amount of information and sources can help personal and artistic growth. However, for those whose interests never cease, like mine, it can also be overwhelming. Personally, discovering and delving into a new technique can be a lifeline in an information filled environment. Setting a loose boundary for myself to put my focus on, immerse myself with and make my thoughts tangible.

In my opinion, intuition, shaped by years of observation and experience, is the most reliable element in artistic practice. What fascinates me about art is that every creator has their unique form of communication shaped by their life experiences. While mastering techniques as a whole has its merits, I find that true excitement lies in exploring them through intuition and pushing their boundaries.

Nature is an incredibly significant point of reference because it can surpass my wildest imagination effortlessly. The things I encounter often leave me questioning reality, how can this even exist? Especially in this time and age where it seems we can achieve anything we desire, the natural world always seems steps ahead. After all, we are merely guests on this Earth. Our time here is so incredibly short compared to everything else that exists.


To remain in awe of the world and continue learning.

Learned during the studies

Trust your own process.