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How to become a blade of grass

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How to become a blade of grass

Video installation

Life seems like a constant quest on how to deal with it. Our ego pulls us in all directions, expectations skyrocket. We've forgotten what the essence of life is and attempt to fill the gaping hole with success, possessions, and money. In today's dystopian society, far removed from nature, we no longer seem comfortable with simply "being."

We've forgotten to be where life exists: The here and now. To remind myself, I see myself as a blade of grass. I'm just a small part of something bigger, unique, yet just a blade of grass. But how can I become a blade of grass in a world always asking for more?

Artist statement

These times are intense, with so much happening globally. Creating art is my way of unpacking this wild ride we call life. Through my work, I aim to take others on this bumpy road and let them experience different perspectives. I create using various materials and techniques, always prioritising storytelling over the medium. My interests lie in intersectional feminism, seeing the world holistically, and our connection to nature. My process is intuitive and fast-paced, reflecting the 'now.' I aim to capture the complexity and interconnectedness of our world, offering insights into our shared human experience.



In five years, I envision myself living a fabulously rich life—not in terms of money or possessions, but in experiences. For me, creating is pure magic, endlessly fulfilling, something I want to do for the rest of my days, regardless of its monetary returns. There's an electric joy in connecting with people and linking them together, and if I can do this through the act of creation, well, that's when everything just clicks into place. My hope is to use the power of storytelling and sharing perspectives to contribute to a better, fairer world for all.

Coming September, I'll be relocating to Berlin, and as for what the next five years hold, well, that's anyone's guess. But what I do know is this: as long as I keep following my passions, everything will fall into place. I trust in the timing of life. My aspirations? Oh, just to meet fascinating folks, push boundaries, dive into activism, forge connections, explore the globe, and dive headfirst into exciting projects. You know, the usual. :)

Curious about upcoming projects or have ideas to share? Drop me an email! Let's collaborate and create something together.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

Looking back on my academic journey over the past four years, the most crucial insight I've gained is the importance of embracing freedom and cultivating a bold, unapologetic attitude. HKU provided me with the platform to develop myself, offering time and space for creation, which I found immensely valuable. Throughout my journey, I've gained insights into my own identity, learned to form opinions, and had the opportunity to explore my interests. I'm very grateful for the many special teachers I've had the privilege to learn from. While acknowledging that HKU as an institution has room for improvement, I can confidently say that my experience has been enriching and empowering.

Find me at HKU Oudenoord (Room 2.24)