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Hot Singles from Your Era

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Hot Singles from Your Era is a project in which I digitised a portrait of Veronica Franco, a famous published poet and courtesan, whose unabashed sexuality and wit left a mark on 16th century Venice.

This independent woman showed me you can be both a feminine intellectual and enjoy the sensual side of life without shame.
On the technical side, the focus lies on the recreation of her garments using Marvelous Designer, Substance Designer and Unreal to bring the portrait to life.

Artist statement

I specialise in the digitisation of historical garments.
Historical costumes are not only just gorgeous pieces of art, but also a cultural set-piece through which we can garner a glimpse of another time.
My passion lies in bringing these garments to life in immaculate 3D detail, in order to preserve them and make thematic connections to the present day by choosing to portray eccentric historical figures.
Using 3D modelling and animation to prove that despite what high school might have told you, history is full of sex, drugs and ‘rock and roll’.


I would love to work in a place where I am encourage to keep growing and learning. Especially in the skills of 3D modelling as well as researching historical intricacies and their aesthetic and cultural impact.
(Whether that leads me to work for an employer, or as a freelancer that is what I pursue.)

Learned during the studies

I learned a great deal about staying true to what truly lives inside, because ultimately this has brought me the most success. Or at least fun.
So I keep pursuing Digital Fashion and my interest in Historical Costume.

Aside from learning the hard skills involved in bringing garments digitally to life, this project also taught me about being flexible and seeking out knowledge and people that feed your passion.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

From Pattern to Polygon – Centraal Museum exhibition curated by Studio PMS.