Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

Het begin van groeien

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‘Het begin van groeien’ ('The Beginning of Growing') is my last and biggest project at the HKU. It is a semi-abstract short film about growing up and feeling ‘different’ in an environment where that is not appreciated, and the road to self-acceptance and self-expression with the help of others. In this film, movement, design, music, lighting, color and fashion tell a story about the duality of finding your own identity after being told to tone it down or hide your personality from a young age.
Film still 'Het Begin van Groeien'
Film still 'Het Begin van Groeien'
Film still 'Het Begin van Groeien'

Artist statement

I’m a visual artist whose main focus is in filmmaking and photography. In relation to my artistic practice, I like to describe myself as a storyteller. I often tell a story about an experience of mine in a way that conveys the emotions I felt going through that experience, but leaves room for other people’s own interpretation. Because of that, people often connect with my art in unexpected ways. It leads to interesting conversations and understanding for ourselves and one another.


I would love to further explore themes such as 'creating your own identity' and 'the importance of human connection' through photography, film and installation. In five years, I hope to have had the opportunity to exhibit my work in a museum such as the FOAM or the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Besides my artistic practice, I'm planning on working as a fashion photographer. Creative fashion photography is another passion of mine, so that would be the best of both worlds for me.

Learned during the studies

I have learned to be confident in myself as an artist and as a person. I've come to truly appreciate my busy and creative mind. I have also discovered how much I love working with creatives of other disciplines, which I'll definitely keep doing after graduating.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

- My short film 'De Ontkieming' was shown at 'Wat is vrijheid for jou?', Liberation Day exhibition at Stadsklooster Utrecht
- Several of my photo series were shown at 'Open', exhibition and event about mental health, organized by Thirty030 at De Helling
- My short film 'The Making of Emptiness' was shown at 'Anyway Anywhow Anywhere', exhibition at Omstand