Ander maatschappelijk thema

Hard Hope

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Hope is something we are only capable of valuing and noticing when we are in a difficult period in our life. This work is my reflection on what hope has meant for me in the recent years and how it has shaped and guided me during the difficulties I have faced. It is an installation and performance meant to be a space of rest and reflection on hope in all its variety

Artist statement

“In the present my inner self hoped for the return
of something that was.

Stuck in the past self.

Distracted from the future promise of all yet to be
Yet hope in the present awakens courage for the future

Straddling the silver lining.”

Sabrina Schoop is an art educator, spoken word artist and poet. She writes poems that are simple in form but pack a punch, be it gentle or strong. Her poems range from her perspectives on love to critical reflections on social dilemma's. Schoop believes in the timelessness of poetry and knows that there will always be someone out in the world that will find a piece of themselves, an answer or hope within her poems.

As an art educator Schoop sees collective learning as an essential part of education. She believes that art is a tangible, visible and audible collection of our lived experiences as individuals passed on from one generation to another


Over 5 years I want to be a better established poet and have a poetry bundle out alongside that I want to be heavily involved with enriching the art education in Curaçao. My biggest ambition is to see a contemporary art museum/ institute on Curaçao where recently graduated artists originating from Curaçao and the other islands can come and exhibit their work on Curaçao. I am well aware that this is a long term ambition but I see it as a form of education that I would like to see come true.

Learned during the studies

I have learned to be bold, to experiment and how to be an educator that is aware of ripple
effects changes and growth that my classes can cause in someone else's life. I have learned that teaching isn't only what I do in a classroom, but also what I share within my community and in exchanging knowledge with others.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

I recently performed at the Tell.Em festival, Poetry International and Poetry Circle in Rotterdam.