Zorg en welzijn

Grocery Gambit

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In my project, I unveil the dark side of the food industry. Claims like 'healthy' and ‘fresh’ are often misleading. My ceramic works exaggerate this manipulation with dry humor, grounded in facts. The food industry prioritizes making money as quickly as possible, often disregarding human health. I aim to raise awareness about what we eat and reveal the truth behind the misinformation.

Artist statement

As a visual artist, I aim to mesmerise people and leave them smiling. I do this by adding dry humor and relatable mattes to my work. My fascination lies in creating 3D objects. For now I’m focused on ceramics but I'm interested in combining various materials in the future.


Demi Collijn is a visual artist who has a fascination for creating 3D objects. Dry humour and relatable matters are trademarks that reoccur in her work. She frequently expresses her strong opinions, striving to push boundaries and open up discussions.

After graduating, she plans to retrain as a welder. She has many interests, and welding is one of them. Ideally, she would like to practice in all sorts of disciplines. She has a fascination with combining different materials, such as ceramics and steel. In the future, she wants to create functional objects. When something looks beautiful and serves a purpose, it brings her so much joy, and that's what she wants to achieve herself. In five years, she sees herself working towards becoming a professional welder.

"I envision a future where I explore a variety of disciplines rather than confining myself to just one."

Learned during the studies

The most important things I have learned during my studies are to look at your own work with a critical eye. I used to always think, 'yeah, it's good enough,' but I have learned that sometimes you have to let the work sit and come back to it later with a fresh perspective. You will always discover areas for improvement. During my studies, I discovered my craftsmanship. I love incorporating dry humor and recognizable elements into my work. I have learned how to express myself in front of people when they ask what my profession is. In my head, it’s crystal clear, but explaining it to someone else remained difficult. I'm glad I was able to learn this during my studies. The last thing I’ve learned is that it’s incredibly important to have a story behind your work. You can't just create beautiful things without having a story behind them. The story is what makes it interesting.