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KIKU is a concept, designed to help students, learning Japanese, improve their Japanese listening comprehension. The game aims to make longer dialogues of text more understandable and enjoyable for students, while also asking students to use the information they've heard in an interactive setting. The focus of the game is to have students practice every day, even if only for five minutes. Improve your Japanese listening comprehension and feel confident while doing so, that's what Kiku aims for.

KIKU is a project I originally started in a previous semester.
My focus at the time was to figure out what kind of game students needed and what the mechanics would be for that game.

This semester, I've decided to focus my attention on the overarching story told throughout the levels.
What kind of puzzles will students be faced with and what kind of dialogues can they expect?
I've explored these questions in two levels, which would be used with the spy theme story.

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