Zorg en welzijn

Getting out of the lonely square

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This project is closest to me. It's about bringing horses together instead of separating them. As someone who has been in the equestrian sport for years and has grown up with horses, I have seen many places where the focus was on preventing injuries and where the horse almost has no chance of being a ​​herd animal. Inspired by the habits of a natural herd, I created a design that favours the health of the horse. Which will eventually result in better performance. And gives the horses the freedom to socialize as horses.

Artist statement

As a Spatial Designer, nature, animals and well-being have always fascinated me. This is often the common thread through my work and my private life. In addition, I challenge myself to broaden an existing perspective with my work and make people think. I support this with aesthetics and an eye for detail.
I am a designer with an entrepreneurial mindset who likes to collaborate and network.


In five years I would like to see myself as an independent, hard working woman who is able to make an impact with her work. Even if this is a small impact.
Maybe as an architect, a spatial designer or a landscape architect. As I am still developing in this.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing for me, is that I have learned to be patient with myself. And to always challenge myself to invest in subjects that really matter to me as an individual. So to stay close to myself and to believe in what I want to go for, but with an open minded mindset.