Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

Gay, OK

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The magazine Gay, OK is a collection of articles, think pieces and personal experiences, of and by queer people about queer coding.

Artist statement

Hi, my name is Robin Bliek, and I go by the nickname Bienie. My work is a collaboration of my enthusiasm for illustration as a graphic designer. I pay attention to detail and have a love for nitpicking or time-consuming tasks.


I’m certainly not done learning and I’m planning on expanding my abilities further in the next few years, possibly through a master's degree or an exchange semester. I also plan to enter the workforce and learn more about how I fit into it as a graphic designer.

Learned during the studies

I am prone to doubting my abilities, but I’m slowly learning to have more confidence in myself as a graphic designer. Starting projects out of your own enthusiasm, trusting the process, and not being scared of making mistakes are key.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Bachelor Graphic Design | HKU Media | 2020 - ongoing
Minor Reframe Media | HKU Media | 2023
Brede Basisopleiding | HKU IBB | 2019

Graphic Designer | Pitou & Dubouis | 2023

Artwork ‘Dreamscape’ | De Verdieping | AG HKU | 2022
Book 'Missing information (2)' | Anti-Systeem | HKU Media | 2023