Ander maatschappelijk thema

Francisco's Garden

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3 sculptures, each isolated from the floor with a
layer of sand which in turn was confined with in a geometric steel frame. Each
sculpture had its own theme in the form of a ready-made object. A tea pot, a
walking shoe and a small hexagonal window. The found elements trigger an
intuitive three-dimensional drawing in space constructed from welded steel.
The three-dimensional drawing either extrudes from the object or it encases
the object or in the case of the window, it raises the object from the ground.
Between the three sculptures there are a number of smaller floor objects. Steel
triangles that have captured wood chips and confine them to their own
geometric shape.

Artist statement

I specialize in making sculptures. My sculptures are a blend of the mundane and natural with intricate metal constructions, these metal construction than interacts with the other materials to create an abstract piece of art


In five years i would like to be a full time artist. I want to have developed my work further to the point where i can make work at the scale of a building where the viewers get to climb and interact with the work.

Learned during the studies

the most important thing I learned at this study is my own process. This means I figured out what I need to do so no matter what the project is I can always produce good and interesting work

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

symbiosis expo (finissage residentie expo)I collaborated with Johanna Francozapata on a sculpture
spring utrecht - the village utrecht, I collaborated with Travis Geertruida on an installation