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Fluxmind : Generative AI Interface

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Fluxmind is een tool die helpt om op intuïtieve wijze concepten (woorden) te verzamelen, gradueel samen te stellen in een compositie te plaatsen binnen de canvas interface. Op deze manier kan de gebruiker ideeën cureren en verkennen door ze door een AI model te laten visualiseren in relatie tot elkaar.

Het gemakkelijk samenstellen en laten visualiseren van samengevoegde abstracte concepten helpt om ze beter te begrijpen, perspectief te veranderen en bevordert communicatie over deze concepten met anderen.
Een video over de visie achter het project gemaakt naar de aanleiding van de nominatie voor de HKU awards.
Een korte video van het prototype zelf

Artist statement

I am in pursuit of designing methods that allow us to interact more intuitively with our machines. Leveraging technologies like Artificial intelligence, I use natural language and image processing, turning our machines into seamless intermediaries for human communication and collaboration. My aim is to create intuitive digital interfaces that improve the way we share and understand ideas, making our interactions with technology as natural and seamless as possible.


I wish to work on design projects that innovate and refine our interactions with machines. I hope to research and promote the idea of human-centered AI, where technology is designed to be not only efficient and effective, but also considerate of human values, emotions, and social norms.

Learned during the studies

- The importance of prototyping and the iterative design process.
- Working and sharing ideas with a diverse group of peers and teammembers.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Fluxmind: Generative AI Interface - HKU awards nominatie 2023
Generative AI as a collaborator: Speaker at HKU X

Fluxmind interface: in een expositie ruimte

This is my Graduation Profile Deliverable document for the Graduation module of the Games & Interaction course at HKU, direction Interaction Design year 4. For the module the graduation profile 'Artist' was chosen with the Graduation Profile Deliverable 'Exhibition in Gallery or Expo'.

This document is about making an exhibition about my graduation project called: Fluxmind - Interaction with generative tools. The project is a study of the role of AI in augmenting creativity and the potential for co-creation between humans and intelligent machines. The central focus of the project is the Fluxmind interface, a design that allows users to construct a mental model using words, and then see how the AI system interprets and visualizes this model in real-time.

The project is motivated by a belief in the potential of AI to support and enhance the creative process, and by a desire to create using these technologies and exploring playful interaction with them. With the exhibition featuring the installation, I want visitors be able to experience the process for themselves, and consider the potential of co-creation with AI.