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Fitter, Happier, and More Productive

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In the first years of my life, I did not use the Internet and three-dimensional virtual worlds. Everything took place in the physical world. Slowly, an increasing part of my life began to take place in a virtual online environment. Playing on the street corner turned into playing in an online lobby. Staring at the ceiling turned into endless scrolling. Friends turned into digital avatars. In Fitter, Happier, and More Productive, I use the aesthetics and technology of a dystopian virtual world to look back on my Internet and screenless years. Using CGI (computer-generated imagery) and photography, I question the value of places like VR chat and Second Life. What is the future of fantasy and play in a virtual world?

Artist statement

A warm spring day.

Playing at the streetcorner turned into playing in an online lobby.

Friends turned into digital avatars.

Staring at the ceiling turned into endless scrolling.

Everyone is near, but never nearby.

I became a tool of my tools. 


In five years, I want to be doing what I'm doing now, but on a grand scale. I want to do more collaborations with other artists, learn more different techniques, and exhibit more.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.


Group exhibition in EKKO.

Publication in Seederdeboer REIS magazine.

Group exhibition at Noorderlicht Photofestival in Museum Belvédèr.

Internship at Stichting FOTODOK.

Photography and written column for HKU School of Theatre.


Direction and light for film project ‘Veertien Stappen Naar De Waanzin’ by Igor Herder.


Flashvisit at art collective De Nieuwkomers.

Exhibition ‘Sometimes a Photograph’ at Artides Amsterdam, alongside Samuel Veenstra and Noah van de Wetering.

Exhibition in Haarlem during De Vijfhoek Kunstroute and group exhibition in de Nieuwe Kerk.

Group exhibition ‘Binnenstebuiten’ at art collective De Nieuwkomers, Chaam.