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With highly personal lyrics, Finya’s songs softly provoke, by being radically honest about anything and everything, allowing you to join her in observing her own thoughts, feelings, and experiences in life. She sings and writes about themes such as self-doubt, teenage angst, men and women, relationships, adult panic, anger, and much more. Finya pushes the boundaries of what is socially acceptable to say about yourself and your struggles, all in catchy, yet deceivingly confrontational pop-indie music.

In her performance in EKKO, Finya is joined by an ensemble of eight; four instrumentalists and four vocalists. The songs that previously lived their lives on her computer, get a new perspective and a new framework. From energetic desperation, to mellow overthinking, Finya and her ensemble rhyme seemingly disparate feelings to create playful music with a sombre underbelly that makes the music easy to listen to yet emotionally charged.

The ensemble consists of:
Finya - vocalist
Benjamin D. Stryder - rhythm guitarist, baritone ukulele
Eldert Mohr - riff guitarist
Emile Hillen - synth, bass
Djoszuwa - drummer, percussionist
Sofinka - vocalist
Løu - vocalist
Marie Scheuermann - vocalist
Zaza van Duijvenbode - vocalist

Artist statement

Finya is an audiovisual artist. She writes songs and texts, paints, takes photos and makes videos, knits, binds books, dances, and anything else that interests her.
Within her music she gently confronts her listener, by being radically honest about anything and everything. In this way she creates space for your feelings, experiences and struggles, by openly and honestly showing her own.
Her video and photographic material is often autobiographical too, capturing her and her own world. In her visual works she likes to make the simplest things speak for themselves, without telling you what to feel or what it conveys. In this way Finya is constantly discovering and exploring herself, but by letting you in, she is also transforming this process into a universal, approachable work.


I would love to have a life where I’m content. Creatively, the things that interest me are very broad, and there’s a lot of things that I enjoy doing. I could imagine in five years time I’m a sign language interpreter, or an architect. I can imagine doing music, but also taking on book binding projects. I’d be in a house with wooden flooring (and maybe even wooden ceilings), with a corner for reading, and knitting, a room for painting, a room for music, a room that’s empty so I always have space for new things. With a little garden, or a little garden-like balcony, where I could grow little cherry tomatoes that I won’t like but my partner will.
I want to work on commission, collaborate, and help others realise creative goals, and I want to keep transforming my own experiences and feelings into creativity. As long as I get to apply my broad interest, enjoyment and creative vision into most, if not all, things that I end up doing, I’ll be content.

Learned during the studies

To accept myself, fully, to recognise all that I am, and to grow from inner wants and needs and not from self-judgement. I’ve learned to re-frame the things I do in my day to day life, to zoom out, and to look at myself with kinder eyes. I’ve learned to be softer, and less judgemental towards myself. I’ve learned to explore, and to share. The study offered me a place to breathe, to feel, and to re-imagine.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

My upcoming EP 'Broken Open' will be out everywhere on the 9th of June!
Sundial Festival in de Helling at 17.00 on the 29th of May
End performance in EKKO at 20.00 on the 6th of July