Artistieke prestatie

Final recital

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I'm going to perform a recital playing works by Bach, Scarlatti, Mozart, Schumann, Liszt and Ravel. With this I hope to be able to share music that was worked throughout some months of intense work with my teacher, and the repertoire was a selection of pieces that work very well with each other in terms of tonality and aesthetics.

Artist statement

I'm a person that has a natural desire for knowing and investigating, and have a big passion for music and musicology. As an artist, I want to be able to combine the performance with the research in order to make a unique interpretation based on rational and conscious historical investigation.


Music making is a life-long enterprise and a journey that never ends, and therefore, I hope I will never lose the ambition and love for learning new things. In five years I see myself as a musician capable of combining both historical and modern performance in modern and historical keyboards based on a musicological research.

Learned during the studies

During this last years I learned many things regarding music and life. Living abroad very far away from family and friends and my home country gave me perspective of many things and I gained a lot of experience at a personal level. Regarding music, I had the privilege to make music with wonderful groups and people. I was able to work with different ensembles playing music from different styles and composers in both historical and modern instruments. I also was able to learn from prof. Klára Würtz extensive knowledge and artistry.

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