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On the 13th and the 15th of June, David Mathas will perform with three of the bands he has been working with for the last years and is still working in.
The first one is the modern jazz trio called AMADOJ: inspired by artists like Shae Maestro and Avisbai Cohen, the trio, consisting of Matija Mitrović (Bass) and Jonas Hörmann (Piano) (and of course David on drums haha), presents a refreshing mix of originals written by all band members.
The second band is KRONOLOGICAL: a band is all about inspiring the intellectuals among us, but also about shaking the booty. The aim is to give you an energetic show filled with electro jazz (fusion).
The last and biggest band is the Utrechtste Studenten Bigband (USBB). David has been a member of this band for more than two years and learned a lot about all the music styles that a Bigband can play. And, it’s a lot of styles! On these concerts, pieces written for the USBB are presented, but also music that - once again - has the sole purpose of making you all dance!

Artist statement

Born on the 1st of January in Berlin, Germany, David Mathas started to develop an interest in rhythm and music at a young age. Now studying Jazz and Pop Music at the Conservatory Utrecht (HKU Utrechts Conservatorium), this interest and passion has become his profession.
At this moment in his life, David is focusing on making music that inspires people intellectually, but also makes them dance.


In five years, David wants to have built up a repertoire of only originals with his jazz trio, AMADOJ, and his electronic fusion jazz band, KRONOLOGICAL.

Learned during the studies

He has learned the skills necessary to achieve his musical dreams of growing with his two bands: AMADOJ and KRONOLOGICAL. These are among others: composing, playing the piano, music production, engaging with the audience and PLAYING THE DRUMS! ;)

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

David had the honor to play as the supporting act of Hans Dulfer in P60 Amstelveen with his band ConFusion and has played multiple times at the Jazz in het Dorp Jazz festival in Amstelveen. With this same band he also played at Bar Dixie numerous times, in the Cobra Museum, theater Elsrijk and other venues.
Lately, he has been working on several jazz, pop and funk projects. With the Rabo Next Stage Band he played at the Open Stage in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht in 2018 and at the Rauwkost Festival in ´s Hertogenbosch.
In december 2019 he won the Prinses Christina Concours in the BIMHUIS with the Jazz Focus Big Band conducted by Lorenzo Mignacca.