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Final Exam - Bachelor Composition - Kostas Zisimopoulos

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In my final exam, I will present in the context of a concert my recent compositions. There will be pieces for solo instruments, duos, trios and ensemble.
Scores [samples]

Artist statement

Composer born in 1994 in Athens, Greece. After graduating from University of Peloponnese Faculty Of Fine Arts, Theatre Department, he is currently a student of composition in Utrecht Conservatorium. Over the past few years, he has also taken part in various masterclasses with composers such as G. Aperghis, S. Gervasoni, C. Ianotta, Y. Robin, Y. Maresz, F. Filidei, R. Cendo, G. Spiropoulos, H. Parra, M. Lanza, J. M. Staud, O. Bianchi, B. Pierluigi and D. Kourliandski, among others. Since 2021, he studies as an Erasmus student in Universität der Künste Berlin with M. Vlitakis.

He has received multiple commissions from ensembles and venues such as Philharmonie de Paris, while also has been collaborating with ensembles like Multilatérale, Fractales, Divertimento, Roadrunner, United Instruments of Lucilin, Suono Giallo, Meitar, Vertixe Sonora, PHACE, Ensemble Terrible, Phoenix and KamerOrkest Driebergen.

His works have been heard in international festivals such as Luxembourg Composition Academy (LUX), CEME (IL), Roadrunner Academy (NL), The 21st Century Guitar Conference (USA), Mixtur Festival (ES), ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week (IT), UNK New Music Festival (USA), VIII St. Petersburg New Music Festival (RUS), Curs Internacional de Composició Barcelona Modern 7th Edition (ES), VII International Workshop for Young Composers (IT), isaMasterclass (AT), CML (CY) and Vienna Summer Music Festival (AT).

His music is mainly focused on the ideas of deviation, instability, interruption and interference. He is interested in researching the different levels of time and time perception by taking into consideration phenomena such as form, micro-material, and sonority.

He had collaborated with choreographers, artists, theater groups, collectives and companies such as ‘Imitating the Dog’, ‘Theatre of Experience’ and ‘Thingamajig’ by composing original music for ‘Old Times’ by Harold Pinter, ‘The Dance of Death’ by A. Strindberg’ and ‘ASTYlogia’ by N. Fytas among others.

His music has received premieres in France, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine, Israel and Canada.


My ambition is to continue the exploration of sound and music synthesis. The next coming years my goal is to collaborate with professional orchestras and ensembles around the world while also teaching composition.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I have learned during my studies is to be patient and have faith in what I do.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Commissions - Awards - Residencies

2022, October: Commissioned by Bachdag Festival. Premiere of a new work performed by Faelix Collective.
2022, August: Artist in Residence. Arts, Letters & Numbers Residency Program. Averill Park, NY.
2021, April: Commissioned by Philharmonie de Paris. Premiere of a new work performed by Ensemble Multilatérale. Conducted by Léo Warynski.
2021, October: Commissioned by Ensemble Terrible. Premiere of a new work for ensemble and soloist (Martin Adamek - solo clarinetist of Ensemble Intercontemporain). Conducted by Patrik Kako.
2020, May: 1st Prize Composition Competition - Franz Schubert Konservatorium, Vienna with ‘Chronos’ for chamber ensemble.
2019, March: Honourable mention - Ensemble Ibis Composition Competition with ‘Morfeas’ for chamber ensemble.
2018, November: Commissioned by KamerOrkest Driebergen. Premiere of new orchestral work ‘’Godot’’. Conducted by Albert van Eeghen.
2018, July: Finalist in ‘’Bruno Maderna Composition Competition’’ with ‘’Simian Complex’’ for chamber ensemble performed by Phoenix Ensemble in Lviv Ukraine, Philarmonia Hall. Conducted by Roman Kreslenko.

Festivals - Conferences - Masterclasses

2022, July: International Young Compsoers Academy Ticino. Premiere of a new work composed for Percussions de Strasbourg. (with O. Bianchi, I. Mundry and S. Odeh-Tamimi)
2022, July: Ciel Academy. Premiere of a new work for Ensemble Linea. (with E. Rykova and A.Dumont)
2022, April: UNK New Music Festival - University of Nebraska, Kearney (USA). Performance of the work ‘Brutum Fulmen’.
2022, March: The 21st Century Guitar Conference - Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana (USA). Performance of the work ‘Rheuma’.
2022, January: Roadrunner Academy. Premiere of a new work composed for Roadrunner. (with F. Samandari)
2021, November: Luxembourg Composition Academy. Premiere of a new work composed for United Instruments of Lucilin. (with G. Aperghis and C. Ianotta)
2021, August: VII International Workshop for Young Composers. Premiere of new work composed for Divertimento Ensemble. (with S. Gervasoni)
2021, July: Curs Internacional de Composició Barcelona Modern" 7th Edition. Premiere of new work composed for Vertixe Sonora. (with F. Filidei and O. Bianchi)
2021, May: VIII St. Petersburg International New Music Festival | St. Petersburg Contemporary Music Center. Premiere of new work composed for GAMEnsemble. (with D. Kourliandski, S. Newski and O. Bianchi)
2021, January: CEME 2021. Premiere of new work composed for Hagar Shahal, flutist of Meitar Ensemble. (with M. Lanza)
2020, September: Mixtur Festival, Barcelona. Reading Session of new work with members from Sigma Project Quartet. (with H. Parra)
2020, May: VII St. Petersburg International New Music Festival | St. Petersburg Contemporary Music Center. (with R. Cendo, Y. Kasparov and O. Bianchi)
2019, November: Nuova Consonanza, Composition Workshop | Santa Cecilia Conservatory. (with A. Brizzi)
2019, August: isaMasterClass’19 | University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Premiere of new work composed for Ensemble Fractales. (with Y. Robin and F Filidei)
2019, July: ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week. Reading Session of new work with Ensemble Suono Giallo. (with Y. Maresz and G Spiropoulos)
2018, November: Contemporary Music Lab Composition Workshop, European University Cyprus. (with Y. Christofi)
2018, June: Vienna Summer Music Festival. Premiere of new work composed for PHACE Ensemble. (with D. Carvalho)
2017, May: Participation with an original composition at the National Competition of Cinematic Music, organized by the ‘’Athens Music Concert Hall: Megaro Mousikis’’.
2016-2017: ‘’Music Composition for Theatre’’: Eight-month composition course with N. Kypourgos and K. Selamsis in collaboration with the National Theatre of Greece.
2015-2016: ‘’Music Composition for Media’’: Eight-month composition course with A. Mouzas.
2015, April: Collaboration with Athens Music Dance Festival. Music-dance video projected in festivals such as Athens Video Dance Project, New Blue Emerging Dance Festival in Toronto, moving Images Video dance festival 1st edition – DanceLab in Nicosia, Moving Images international Videodance Festival 1ST edition in Nicosia.
2010, October: Participation in the 1st Song set to Music Contest which was organised by the Arsakeia- Tositseia Schools and Award for Original Musical Composition (with K. Thomaidis, D. Semsis and D. Tsaknis.

Music Theatre - Installations

2020, June: Opera - ‘Troubled Waters’ by Pete Brooks | ‘Imitating the Dog’ Theatre Company. Utrecht: Stadsschouwburg Theatre.
2018-2019: ‘Dance of Death’ by August Strindberg. Direction: Akis Vloutis. Athens: Metaxourgio Theatre.
2016 May-June: ‘’Old Times’’, by Harold Pinter, Direction: Rea Thomakou, Production: ‘’Thingamajic Theatre group’’. Nafplio: ‘’Uranokatevato’’ Cultural Centre.
2015-2016: ‘’ASTYlogia, The Myth of a City’’. Text-Direction: Nikos Fytas, Production:’’Theatre of experience’’, in collaboration with the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Volos. Volos: ‘’Volos City Museum’’.
2015, March: ‘’Salome or through the mind of Mr. Oscar’’, Performance, Text: Nikos Fytas, Production: ‘’Theatre of Experience’’, Direction: Nalia Zykoy, (Nafplio: Syntagma Square).
2014, May: Bank Bang’’, Installation-project for the ‘’Introduction to Scenic and Costume Design: Theory and Practice’’ course by the University of Peloponnese Theatre Studies Department Professor, Ms. Asimina Dimitrolopoulou. . Nafplio: ‘’Xenia Hotel’’
2014, May: Miss Julie’’ by August Strindberg, for the ‘’Introduction of Directing’’ course by the University of Peloponnese Theatre Studies Department Professor, Mr. Yannis Leontarris. Nafplio: ‘’Fougaro’’ Art House.
2014 May/February: ‘’Midsummer Night’s Dream’’, by William Shakespeare for the ‘’Introduction to Directing’’ course by the University of Peloponnese Theatre Studies Department Professor, Ms. Anna Tsichli. Production: ‘’Theateight Theatre Group’’. Nafplio: Faculty of Fine Arts, Serres: Municipal and Regional Theatre of Serres – 10nth International Theatre Universiade.