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Final Exam: Arash Tayeb

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My final exam work is a collection of my favorite compositions, focusing on significant social and political events in Iran. It merges my Iranian heritage with the knowledge gained from my studies and includes pieces composed for various projects. This compilation showcases my unique musical language and creative journey.

Artist statement

Combining the East and the West, I draw from my Iranian roots and my European studies to create a unique musical language that transcends both traditions.


My goal is to complete my first fully orchestral work and to establish myself in the music scene.

Learned during the studies

During my studies, the most important lesson I learned is the profound uniqueness of each artist and the remarkable ability to integrate these individualities into a collective to create something meaningful. This realization has deeply influenced my approach to music composition and collaboration.

Each artist brings their own distinctive voice, shaped by their personal experiences, cultural background, and individual creativity. This uniqueness is not only a source of strength but also a wellspring of diverse ideas and perspectives. I learned to appreciate the rich tapestry of artistic expression that emerges when these unique voices come together.

In my experience, the most powerful and transformative art arises when individual artists collaborate, combining their strengths and insights. This collaborative process requires openness, respect, and a willingness to listen and adapt. It taught me the importance of humility and the value of each contribution, no matter how different it may seem from my own perspective.

One of the most memorable projects during my studies was a cross-cultural composition workshop where students from various backgrounds collaborated to create a unified piece. This project highlighted the beauty of blending different musical traditions and styles, resulting in a work that was richer and more complex than anything we could have created individually. It underscored the idea that while each artist is unique, the integration of our individual talents and perspectives can lead to a collective creation that transcends our individual capabilities.

Moreover, this experience reinforced the importance of cultural exchange and the endless possibilities it brings to artistic creation. By combining elements from different traditions, we can create new forms of expression that resonate with a wider audience and foster a deeper understanding between cultures.

In summary, my studies taught me that the most meaningful and impactful art comes from embracing our individuality while working together harmoniously. This balance between individual expression and collective collaboration is the cornerstone of my artistic philosophy and continues to guide my work as I strive to create music that is both personally authentic and universally resonant.