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Timber Sommerdijk
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I have the eternal urge to travel. Last summer I went on a two-week wander through Germany with a friend. We slept on the streets, cooked and pooped in the bushes, washed in streams and secretly travelled by freight trains. On the one hand, that seemed like a perfect escape from the lockdown, and on the other, just an even more challenging way of self isolation.
Is this how I would like to live if society gave me that opportunity?
The freedom, the discomfort and the total autonomy.
Frustration and the desire to oppose it, and at the same time being in need of society, is the field of tension where I am going with this project Fernweh.

My graduation project in it itself is a drifter or as I like to call it a Hobo; it roams around and searches for freedom, meaning, craziness, filth and inefficiency. Those things come together in a Hobo existence, and from this perspective I started making this fictive diary or is it an anthropological research, toilet paper, pillow or a fire starter? Because a Hobo existence, don't we all want that? In this Lockdown, as a maker, I am the Hobo, and this research is my wanderings.