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Fashioning the Future: an interactive phygital Collection.

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In a world where the digital becomes more and more intertwined in our lives, we are still wary of technology and the digital life. We have a certain resistance when it comes to future scenarios. However, it is important to recognize that change is an inevitable part of life, and embracing the future can lead to new opportunities. In my project, I'm looking for a means to show that my view of the phygital future -a future that combines the digital and physical worlds- is not that scary and is not that far away. Within my project, I am exploring ways to make this phygital experience more tactile and interactive. Can we have an interactive experience with a digital creature? What does this digital creature look like and how does it live on our physical body? I created a interactive collection that combines physical design with digital/technological design, to create a unique and immersive experience. My collection pushes the boundaries of traditional design and showcases the potential of technology and fashion working together. To create this I use a combination of digital design, physical design, and projection technologies. The garments were designed to create reactions in the digital design by using traditional techniques like pleading and draping. The projection was then added to the garments by using specialized software and hardware including motion tracking sensors and touch/movement sensors. I want my collection to be an example of the benefits of using an interdisciplinary design method by combining technology, fashion, and an immersive interactive experience. My collection demonstrated the potential of using technology with fashion design, by combining traditional couture techniques with technology.

Artist statement

I see myself as an innovative thinker, with a specialization in tech-textile. The way I like to work is by speculating on innovative topics and using technology as a tool to design these ideas. I am a future thinker, and like to work with projects that embraces the future and technology within the fashion industry. With my work, I am looking for new insights into fashion. By using collaborations with different fields I explore new ways of designing and making. By bringing together designers, technologists and other experts from different fields to work on a fashion project. I make a cross-disciplinary approach that brings new opportunities for innovation and creativity.


I see myself working at a company that tackles innovative ideas, and uses interdisciplinary design methods to create new ideas. My perfect team would be with people with different skills all working together to use their knowledge and to create these idea’s together. I hope to work together with a lot of people and to learn from them. Right now I would like to dive into wearable technology, to see what the opportunities are in this field. When I did my internship I found out that I like to create garments that enhance the technology within them. This is also where I experienced that I like to work together, I worked with an industrial designer and I feel like we both could shine while putting our knowledge together. With a combination of knowledge in traditional design and a specialty in combining this with technology, I think I have prepared myself for a career in the innovative fashion industry. I hope one day to be a pioneer in this industry.

Learned during the studies

During my time at HKU, I discovered that the design field offers a place for every designer with unique interests. The design labs provided me with valuable skills that I could apply in various ways. I gained proficiency in coding Arduino, utilizing 3D printing and laser cutting techniques, and integrating digital fashion with physical garments. However, the most significant aspect of my experience was uncovering my true identity as a designer.

While I study fashion, I have come to realize that I am not simply a fashion designer. Instead, I identify myself as an interactive textile and technology designer. This distinction allows me to explore the dynamic intersection between textiles, technology, and user interaction, shaping my creative approach in a distinct and specialized way.