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I want to make a split between the music and the theatre world. For this, I am putting together a show which catapults the audience from song to sketch to dance to utter confusion.
As the protagonist of my show, I show myself through many faces and lead you into a world in which the lines separating reality and play, audience and actors stay unclear.
The theme guiding the show is the social phenomenon called "collective illusions".
I communicate this topic on a sensory level through the music and the sketches, but I also inform on the subject through lectures.

Artist statement

I like to walk on the tightrope, connecting pure entertainment and spreading a message. With kindness, playfulness, and a healthy dose of self-doubt, I walk through the strange sometimes absurd experience of life which I process in my art.


I want to tell create worlds and tell stories.
I believe in the power of art to communicate on a sensory, somatic level instead of an intellectual one. But at the same, I do not want to manipulate what people feel. I hope for the audience to think along and make my work their own. Then the art lives on.
I want to continue connecting disciplines and people to create collectively.

Learned during the studies

To trust the process.
To not create and analyse at the same time.
And to know that there is only one of my kind.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

- Graduation Performance: "Face On The Bus" 7th of July, ZIMIHC Stefanus
- Lovely Lad
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How to embody my music

Through my artistic research, I explored different approaches to embody my music.
I explore questions like: What movements do I like? What movements fit my music? How do I create a choreography? And How do dance and music work simultaneously on stage?