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Mijn eindexamen werk is een (prototype van) interactieve filmische ervaring. Je kijkt door de ogen van Élise, en haalt samen herinneringen naar boven die ze het liefst zou willen vergeten. Het project bespreekt onderwerpen over trauma, maar dit wordt niet in detail laten zien. Het wordt op een symbolische manier afgebeeld. De speler ervaart samen met Élise haar eigen verleden.

Artist statement

As a 3D Character Artist & Generalist 3D Artist, I use my skills to aid in developing the visual aspect of telling stories. This can be through directing (3D) storyboards, storytelling through camera work, working on the visual style of a project, or by creating 3D characters with a distinct style. I have a strong eye for characters and storytelling and combine these to elevate the story.


For the next couple years, I will push myself in the direction of an (art) director who is able to translate a written story onto a visual medium. I will hone my skills further in creating interesting stories with visually appealing characters and hope to work for an animation studio as either 3D Lookdev (Character) Artist or as a 3D Director who is also part of developing the 3D style.

Learned during the studies

During my time at HKU, I have learned how to appreciate working in groups. At first I was used to doing everything myself, but having a team around has really been a life changer. Navigating group projects is always different and always a challenge, but it’s a challenge I love. A project consists of many different aspects, and doing everything alone can be very taxing. When you have a team working together, you feel freer, as you can focus on your own task. On top of that, having other people to fall back on, or to ask feedback from, is great. You learn so much from one another. Others always give you new perspectives or solutions you never thought of. During all the projects at HKU I was either a Team Lead or Art Director, not necessarily by choice, but because it felt natural. I always wanted to be involved with everything, and everyone seemed to appreciate my ‘leadership’. There is never enough time to do everything yourself, so being able to give different tasks to different people helped a lot with our productivity. Of course I don’t imagine myself starting off as a leader, as I have much to learn, but having had these opportunities made me realize how much I love working in a team, working towards the same goals. I want to learn from other, more experienced peers, to hone my skills and eventually grow into a leadership role.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

- 3D Character Artist at Mythiary Studios
- 3D Character Artist for gaming event Gameforce