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Echoes of Home

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"Echoes of Home" is a visual poem inviting viewers on an exploration of my Armenian roots. It delves deep into layers of identity, heritage, and memory. Having lived abroad for a decade, I began feeling disconnected from my past, yearning to understand my heritage and the memories that shaped me. Through family and childhood archives, I embarked on a quest to recreate and rediscover Armenia in my own way.
Each scene aims to capture the essence of Armenian culture and my personal experiences. Central to the film are the people who shaped my memories - my family members. Their stories and traditions form the foundation of my understanding of self and heritage.
"Echoes of Home" is not only a reflection on the past but also a celebration of resilience, identity, and the enduring spirit of the Armenian people. Through this project, I hope to spark conversations about the complexities of identity and the importance of preserving cultural heritage in an ever-changing world. It is my ode to Armenia, a love letter to the land of my ancestors and the source of my inspiration.

Artist statement

I use photography and film to explore the concept of cultural identity, integration and self-expression. My creative journey is shaped by my experiences and my strong connection to my homeland, Armenia. After immigrating to the Netherlands, I felt caught between two cultures. This new sense of being “displaced” made me deeply reflect on my identity. It brought a fresh perspective, revealing a version of myself shaped by memories of my Armenian upbringing and life in the Netherlands. Rooted in the exploration of cultural identity, my visual narratives tell stories from a diasporic perspective. I seek to capture the essence of my upbringing and heritage, connecting memories and emotions. Furthermore, having worked as a commercial photographer in the fashion and advertising industry I bring a unique perspective to my artistic work. I blend contemporary art and fashion with traditional cultural elements, bridging tradition and modernity. While Armenia remains my primary focus, I'm also interested in exploring different cultures, enriching my artistic expression with diverse perspectives.


Over the next five years, I see myself balancing two passions: working closely with Armenia, possibly creating a feature film there or collaborating with local artists and further establishing myself in fashion photography. As a freelancer, I aim to take on a variety of projects that allow me to explore my interests and expand my creative horizons.

Learned during the studies

During my studies, I learned to be true to myself and focus on projects that felt right for me. Having supportive mentors and peers was crucial. Before my studies, I never felt comfortable sharing personal projects, but HKU gave me the confidence to express myself authentically. It taught me that being genuine and drawing from my own experiences makes for more meaningful work. I also had the freedom to try different things and find my creative voice. Overall, my education taught me to embrace who I am, surround myself with positive influences, and explore my creativity freely.